VV Profile

VV Group, launched in 1988 and formally set up in 1992. VV is a large cross-industry and trans-regional enterprise group with "ecological agriculture, generalized grain and food manufacturing as main business and a national key leading enterprise of agriculture industrialization.


VV Group is the initiator of China soybean milk industry, China Top 10 Food Production Enterprise and Top 500 Chinese Enterprises.


In 2000, VV Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., a branch company of VV Group, went public in Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Food is the first necessity of people. VV, started from food business, always regards providing healthy food for the society as its holy mission. We believe in health philosophy and abide by the culture of "Observing law and discipline, being honest and trustworthy, being fair and justified, being simple and kind, being dedicated to the work and being healthy and sunny" and we advocate the modern life style of "Being healthy, optimistic and happy".


Focusing on ecological agriculture, VV is building up standardized and scale-up raw material production base through direct investment, stake taking and long-term contract signing. VV has finished the construction of Suihua Non-GMO Bean Base, Jiamusi Tangwang River High-quality Rice Base, Henan Zhengyang High-quality Small Peanuts Base, Huang-Huai-Hai High-quality Wheat Base, as well as Yiqingyuan Organic Tea Leaves Base.


Meanwhile, as a food enterprise, VV has actively answered the national call and successively cooperated with large food and oil enterprises at home and abroad to set up modernized food storage base in Xuzhou, a central city of Huaihai Economic Zone that is the main growing area of wheat, in Zhengyang of Hennan, the main growing area of small peanuts, in Suihua of Heilongjiang, the main growing area of non-GMO bean, in Jiamusi, the main growing area of high-quality rice. The modernized and comprehensive industry parks integrating purchase, storage, processing and trading are thus built to actively foster the international competitiveness.


VV's industry involves agriculture resources, food, beverage, grain and oil and tea. VV owns brands well-known at home and abroad, including VV, Tianshanxue, Jiaoyijiao and Liuchaosong.


When VV focuses on making the core business bigger and stronger, it has been always carrying out structural strategic adjustment in time according to the national macroeconomic environment and its own development need and gained good benefits.


During the development, VV Group has been attaching importance to balancing economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits. It contributes a lot on promoting employment, making farmers rich, urbanization and new countryside construction. Strictly taking the responsibility of an enterprise citizen, it has actively took part in social welfare and charity undertakings, including poverty and disaster relief, financing orphans and poor students, flood fighting in 1999 and disaster relief in Wenchuan.


The brand value of VV is evalsuated to be over ten billions. VV products are trusted and appreciated by customers to be a healthy and trustworthy brand.