The “Spicy Event” of VV Soybean Milk Topped the Beijing Food Chart


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A free appetizer experience activity, launched by VV in Ghost street in Beijing when the old year was about to be rung out and the new year to be rung in, themed as “Only VV Soybean Milk can Cool Down the Heat of your Mouth”, has whipped up a funny storm. It has sung the slogan of “VV Soybean Milk Brings Joy and Smile” into the year of 2018. This event has gotten a lot of attentions since it had plenty of marketing modes and funny interactive activities and covered stores at large. Have you ever heard about the “Spicy Events” of VV Soybean Milk happening in Ghost street?

1. Various scene marketing strategies
Official We Media has spoken for the “Spicy Events” in Ghost street

Many marketing activities were initiated in Ghost street in the first stage. However, more activities and events have been conducted in the second stage, which have made funny and life-oriented scenes available for consumers, tickling their taste buds. All those marketing methods have firmly engraved the fact that VV Soybean Milk can cool down the heat of your mouth upon consumers’ heart, making the scene marketing communication louder and more influential.

The Official We Media, as the voice-giving platform for VV, has done as much as it can to promote the marketing activities. Based on the word “spicy”, it has established a marketing matrix.It has made constant effort to report the activities in Ghost street by virtue of hot issues such as festivals and solar terms. It has integrated TV shows, live programs and videos related to Ghost street in time and then promoted them to expand their ongoing implications and help fans and suppliers of VV Soybean Milk to know its “Spicy Events" in Ghost street.

2 Network-wide Marketing
Carpet-spread the “Spicy Events" in Ghost street

Marketing doesn’t mean to adopt only one communication method but multi communication methods integrated various channels and carriers. The same is true of the activities in the second stage for VV Soybean Milk in Ghost street. Adopting formats such as gif, videos and articles as their carriers, they have made them available throughout the whole network by platforms such as Tencent, Sina, Sohu and Toutiao to communicate the “Spicy Events" in Ghost street in the multi-dimension and all-around manner.

Diversified communication modes and platforms have further deepened the activities of VV in Ghost street, advocated new selling points, and have attracted a large group of consumers to be involved, fully showing the brand concept of “VV Soybean Milk Brings Joy and Smile” and enhancing VV Soybean Milk’ influence in the restaurants industry. Weibo stars communicated the topic of “Only VV Soybean Milk can cool down the heat of your mouth” in the network and developed discussion on it so as to increase its share of voice in the whole network.

3. Follow the Food Map, a program of China Beijing TV Station
to visit Ghost street for Reasonably cooling down the heat

 The concept that VV Soybean Milk can cool down the heat has enjoyed popular support in the first stage. The topic of how to cool down the heat has been completed bent into the Ghost street activities in the second stage and the Food Map-Find Why, a BTV program, has explained why VV Soybean Milk offsets the heat in a sound way, making the cooling down-heat concept more popular. 

In the second stage, VV Soybean Milk, together with the Food Map program, developed a crossover cooperation. They picked up one store from Lazhuang, Gelaoguan and Zui Mala each week to carry out different marketing activities. Those stores combined their special dishes with VV Soybean Milk drinks so that consumers had a full understanding of VV Soymilk beverages and enjoyed different experiences from three senses including seeing, hearing and tasting, making VV Soybean Milk which not only tastes good but offsets the heat more popular. Please follow the Food Map-Find Why if you want to know more funny stories that happened to VV Soybean Milk in Ghost street.

VV Soybean Milk worked together with the Food Map-Find Why to integrate its products with food-tasted scenes to interpret it from such perspectives as its brand history, the principles of how to offset the heat reasonably and healthy food by the means of product exposure and oral advertisement.

4. Live streaming in the Lab
Hot and Spicy flavor Straight Hits Your Soul

On-line food programs presented how to cool down the heat in your mouth, while off-line live streaming showed you how to do it in a funny way. In the second stage, the focus was put on “Only VV Soybean Milk can cool down the heat of your mouth--the heat-offset lab”. The new interpretation mode, live streaming, was adopted and some famous foodies in Beijing were invited to take part in the various activities such as The Great Race Among Foodies and Q & A and broadcast on the spot to help consumers understand how VV Soybean Milk offset the heat. The activities were also reported in the Weibo from the beginning to the end, enhancing the share of voice of VV Soybean Milk in topics to the greatest extend.

5. VV Soybean Milk’s Spicy Events
Topped the National Food Chart

The social topic, initiated in Sina Weibo and responding to the theme of the marketing activities, “Only VV Soybean Milk can cool down the heat of your mouth”, ranked sixth in the National Food Chart within an hour and attracted more than 3 million netizens to read and discuss, generating significant influence. The all-dimensional communication mode was used for live broadcast of activities in Ghost street to provide updates to VV Soybean Milk’s funs in time. The scene marketing activities in the second stage greatly enhanced their influence because of complete information coverage, high interaction and rapid communication speed.

VV Group launched its 2017 Ghost street scene marketing activities with great success and proactively explored new innovative marketing modes, which have shorted the distance with young consumers but also have achieved win-wins with consumers and stores, and set an example for the beverage industry in opening up new ideas as science and technology, concepts and consumption scenes are changing fast and collide each other. Such activities took a lead in writing a scene-based marketing story that appetizers are close to millennial by virtue of diversified integrated communication modes. In a new year, VV Soybean Milk will continue to write new stories about scene marketing.

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