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Source: China News, Jiangsu

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July 2, China News, Jiangsu (Zhu Zhigeng) At the night of June 27, VV Share announced that it would transfer 55% of Gui Zhou Chun’s equity to VV’s shareholder, VV Group. This proves VV share’s determination to return to its grain, oil and food business, which it has announced many times. With its handy capital financing during divestiture and assets management after divestiture, it has been spoken highly of among the industry. On July 1, the journalist visited the site in Xuzhou, Jiangsu.

Full-automatic smart flour production line

Several days after June solstice, people vigorously started summer grain storage work in Xuzhou. At VV Granary - Yizhuang Grain Storage Base, trucks and tricycles are loaded with wheat for trading. After undergoing sample inspection, wheat-loaded cars are being weighed and assigned to unload at different warehouses in accordance to the quality.

One red truck stands out among the queue of trucks. According to the car plate, it is from Anhui Province. “We transport grain from Anhui. The grain has been collected by VV Granary already, and we are only responsible for transportation.” Mr. Wang lives in Suzhou, Anhui. Most of local grain there are transferred to Xuzhou.

Cai Yiqiu, the person-in-charge of Liuchaosong flour industry is directing works at monitoring room

“This storage base collects wheat to supply raw materials to Liuchaosong Flour Factory under VV Holding. Most grain comes from local supply and neighboring areas around Xuzhou”, said the person-in-charge of Yizhuang Grain Storage Base.

At G104 Highway near VV Granary, the journalist hasn’t witnessed miles of trucks lining as a few years ago. With the question, we asked Yue Bangzhen, GM of VV Granary Grain Storage Co., Ltd., who has been working in this industry for more than 30 years. He said this is a unique year. Hebei, He'nan, Anhui and other places experienced continuous rain during the harvest time of wheat, causing mildew issues on the wheat. However in Xuzhou, benefited from the ideal weather, wheat quality is far better than that in neighboring areas. Thus, neighboring areas try to "grab" wheat in Xuzhou.

Facing the unique situation, VV Granary adopted Go Outside strategy, and established collection point at fields. “I am going to review wheat quality at family in Xinyi, so that we can expand our collection scope”. Yue Zhenbang said, by the afternoon of June 30th, VV Granary Xuzhou base has already purchased 200 thousand tons of first-class wheat.

In mid-June, outside VV Granary Yizhuang base at Tongshan District, farmers are still working on transplanting rice seed.

At the northwest corner of the Granary, the large factory is clean and quiet. For people who don’t know, they can hardly feel there is a large flour manufacturing factory if there were no truck loaded with flour. Multiple automated production lines enable workers as “supervisors” of computers. This is the production base of VV Liuchaosong Flour Industry Co., Ltd. The major product here is “Liuchaosong” branded flour. The company is the biggest flour manufacturing company in Xuzhou-Huaihai Economic Zone. and its annual output exceeds 300 thousand tons, with its modernization ranking very high in China's rankings.

Cai Yiqiu, the person-in-charge of Liuchaosong Flour Industry introduced that after relocated to VV Granary, Liuchaosong enables VV to offer one-stop services from collection, storage to processing. Grain can be directly delivered to flour production workshop through conveyor belt, which effectively saves transportation cost. Automation and intellectualization in production process ensures a high-quality operation.

Many trucks loaded with grain are coming to VV Granary near G104 Highway for inspection, weighing and warehousing.

During our interview, Zhou Zhipeng, Deputy Director of Purchase and Sales Control Department of Xuzhou Grain Administration introduced to the journalist that since the country “encourages social capital for granary building” in 2016, and it has gained positive results. By just looking at Xuzhou area, the over-supply in national granaries has been significantly relieved. Farmers will not find difficult to sell their harvest. There two major companies behind private granaries in Xuzhou, VV and Hua Sheng. Hua Sheng has the storage capacity of 20 thousand tons, which are mainly used for self-production. This year, VV Granary has the storage capacity of 660 thousand tons, and various deep processing projects.

Cai Tian, the spokesperson of VV Group said that VV started from grain industry. At the beginning of reform and opening up, it explored into grain deep processing industry and innovated and developed soybean milk powder. For 30 years, it has been the champion of this industry in terms of sales. Under consumption upgrading and high-quality operation, VV has focused more on achieving its mission, building a “from farm to table” grain, oil and food whole industry chain. While maintaining food safety and carefully cultivating all sectors in the industry chain, it also works hard to ensure the quality and safety of all products and embed the concept of "health and joy" into our consumers deeply.

This is a demonstration of VV sticking to its main business after completing “Comprehensive food industry” strategy. It further deepens “Comprehensive Agriculture, Comprehensive Grain and Comprehensive Food” whole industry chain. During the 13th Five Year Plan, VV Holding will continue to expand construction investment, with more than 3 million tons of storage capacity in 4 bases. It will form a modern and comprehensive grain-based industrial complex that integrates storage, processing and trade. (End)

Editor in chef: Gu Mingshai

Source: China News, Jiangsu July 02, 2018

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