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    Bestore Joining LiangPinTu of VV


    Source: http://www.skfa.com/

    Company News

    Since Bestore took the first-mover advantage in 2014, it has successfully predominated the snack industry. Lately this snack leader announced its partnership with VV Group, China's biggest soybean milk company and one of the top ten Chinese food brands trusted by consumers around the world, to build the integrated sales outlet - LiangPinTu. The two industry giants aim at building new retail and new image of community-based e-commerce through cooperation.

    Bestore is one of few snack brands with various types of snacks. It covers a full range of product categories, among which, meat snacks, nuts & roasted nuts, candies & cakes, and dried & preserved fruits are bestselling. It indicates that Bestore will remain at an advantage even though consumer demand for a certain type of snacks shrinks. As a leading grain and oil brand, VV Group is a cross-trade and -area large state-owned enterprise integrating production, operation, sales, integrated operation, scientific research and development. Facing a critical red sea market that abounds with homogeneous e-commerce products and services, VV can still embark on a new orientation of new e-commerce transformation in new retail. VV sets up a new retail pattern with Bestore. To be specific, VV includes new retail reform into its core strategies and furthers partnership in smart outlet, data bank, uni marketing, intelligent logistics network, AI and other applied scenarioses of new retail.

    In this respect, LiangPinTu can better resist risks than many other brands on market. Besides, LiangPinTu has much greater potential and edge than its peers on market. Struck by LiangPinTu and its diversified development model, the market will definitely turn into a blue ocean.

    Source: http://www.skfa.com/ November 14, 2019

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