VV Ranks High in Top 100 Private Enterprises of Jiangsu


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Lately, a press conference was held at Zhenjiang, disclosing the 2019 top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu. In addition to the 2019 top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu, the 2019 top 100 private manufacturers of Jiangsu were also announced at the press conference. Among which, VV Group Co., Ltd. ranked in the 38th place.

(Some companies among the 2019 top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu)

According to an official notification, Jiangsu’s economy, its private economy in particular, presented a momentum of progressing while maintaining stability and constantly improving quality and benefit of economic growth. Regarding private industrial enterprises above the designated size in the province, their added value rose 4.1%, main business income rose 7.6% and gross profit rose 10.1% on a year-on-year basis and main performance indicators maintained a healthy and steady growth in 2018.

To be listed among the top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu, an enterprise was required to earn RMB 16.199 billion per year in the minimum; of all the top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu, there were 11 enterprises earning over RMB 100 billion per year, 21 enterprises earning over RMB 50 billion per year and 79 enterprises earning over RMB 20 billion per year. It was said that among the head private enterprises of Jiangsu, ones from southern Jiangsu seized overwhelming predominance, 76 of which came among the top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu, followed by ones from central Jiangsu (17) and ones from northern Jiangsu (7). 2 Xuzhou enterprises were included into the rankings, including VV Group ranked the 38th.

VV Group Co., Ltd. was rated among the top 100 private enterprises of Jiangsu as expected. As a matter of fact, VV has been “frequently” included into Chinese private enterprise rankings. In the past 30 years of development, VV has now evolved into China’s biggest soybean milk enterprise and one of the top 10 Chinese food manufacturers. VV was listed among China’s Most Valuable Brands and Fortune 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2005 and 2006 respectively and has been rated among China Top 500 Private Enterprises for years. The Company’s main product VV Soybean Milk has been a well-known product in China with the highest market share in China’s soybean milk market for 30 years and its classical slogan “VV Soybean Milk Brings Joy and Smile” has been passed on generation by generation in China; and its development strategy of highlighting industry and working on the main business of “grain and food in a broad sense” health has been fully implemented and recognized.

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