Polished Round-grained Rice Futures Came into Market, Marking the Birth of VV’s Fifth Grain Futures Delivery Warehouse


Company News 2019-08-20 14:59:11

On August 16, the long-awaited polished round-grained rice futures were approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, and were officially listed on Dalian Commodity Exchange. In a previous notice issued by Dalian Commodity Exchange, nine enterprises including VV Tangwanghe Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., which is located in Jiamusi of Heilongjiang Province, were appointed as polished round-grained rice delivery warehouses (factory warehouses). So far, as a beginner in the grain industry, VV has owned five delivery warehouses in three varieties, namely soybean, maize and polished round-grained rice. VV has become a significant power in domestic grain futures and spot goods.

VV entered the food industry in 2015, and then successively built four modern food collection, storage and processing bases in Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province, Zhengyang of Henan Province, and Suihua and Jiamusi of Heilongjiang Province. Taking into account the existing soybean delivery warehouse, Heilongjiang Huahe Agricultural Technology Co., LTD., located in Heihe, VV has actually owned five granaries, which have all become Dalian Commodity Exchange’s food delivery warehouses.

VV Group Headquarters Building

According to insiders of the grain futures industry, the delivery warehouse is a reflection of comprehensive strength and authority for an enterprise in the industry. Owning delivery warehouse would help greatly improve the popularity of the brand and enlarge the enterprise’s voice in the industry. At the same time, the delivery warehouse would bring a series of stable economic benefits, including warehouse profits, hedge returns, stock-receipt transformation profits, etc. Furthermore, it also saves cost and brings a synergistic effect to control the business management risks of spot goods and inventory for the enterprise.

VV spokesman Cai Tian said in an interview that as a food manufacturing enterprise, VV could better ensure the quality of grain sources with delivery warehouses, guarding the pass for premium quality food materials. Becoming the first batch delivery warehouse for polished round-grained rice futures shows that VV’s plan has begun to take effect. In recent years, VV has been focusing on its major business, targeting the "big grain, big food" industry, and expanding the thickness and width of the whole industrial chain, also known as “from the fields to the table” plan.

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