VV Group: Sweet Drink Showing Army-Civilian Affection


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--VV Visit to Soldiers in the Wang Jie Force

Soldiers and civilians are like one family and sweet and yummy soybean milk is heartwarming to soldiers.

On the morning of July 6, it was sunny in Xuzhou (also known as Pengcheng) in the Huaihai Region. The VV delegation arrived at Tongshan Road of Yunlong District by car to visit the “model company promoting the spirit of being ‘not afraid of hardship and death’” comprising three battalions of Xuzhou Garrison of the Wang Jie Force and present aluminum-canned VV Soybean Milk gift sets to soldiers in the company.

(A VV delegate presenting products to soldiers)

The classical slogan “VV Soybean Milk Brings Joy and Smile” is impressive to soldiers in the Wang Jie Force. VV Group is known as China’s “best soybean milk maker” and its VV Soybean Milk series is one of China’s best-selling products, which has been ranked in the first place regarding both market share and sales for thirty consecutive years. VV Soybean Milk is a well-packaged and portable soybean protein drink rolled out by VV Group in due course amid its development by “focusing on the main business in the industry”. Dubbed “best vegetable protein”, soybean protein contains 18 types of amino acid needed by human body, whose protein content is as high as 35%-40%. It has a full range of nutritional ingredients and is a consumer trend that prevails on a global scale. In winter, hot soybean milk tastes sweet and yummy; in summer, iced soybean milk tastes refreshing and invigorating.

Before the upcoming “August 1” Army Day, VV Group rated a model army support unit took the initiative to reach out to the “model company promoting the spirit of being ‘not afraid of hardship and death’” of Wang Jie Force to jointly organize the event of “jointly support work building for common development”. Deputy Squad Leader Huang Long, Corporal Wu Xuezhe, Private First Class Soldier Wei Yongguo and other soldiers from a “Wang Jie Squad” seemed pleased and grateful to VV’s care for primary company soldiers while taking the well-packaged, sweet and yummy vegetable protein drink gifted by VV Group--VV Soybean Milk in the dorm of the company. “I’d like to express our gratitude to VV Group for the army support visit and I bet all the soldiers in the company will hold firm to the spirit of being ‘not afraid of hardship and death’ to train military skills and abilities to win and make outstanding performance in return to the care of people in the ‘second hometown’!” said Company Commander Shen Guojie affectionately. 

(Soldiers drinking VV Soybean Milk with delight)

“On July 14, 1965, an explosive was ignited by accident during a militia mine clearance training in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province. At this critical moment, the great fighter for communism--Wang Jie--selflessly covered the to-be-detonated explosive and saved 12 militia men and leaders of people's armed forces present at sacrifice of his own precious life. He died at 23. Over the past 54 years, generations of soldiers promoted and practiced the spirit of being ‘not afraid of hardship and death’ of Wang Jie with effort, as a result of which, a mass of good “Wang-Jie-typed” soldiers arose one after another...” Private First Class Soldier Zhou Zhihan from the “Wang Jie Squad” told the touching growth story of the hero Wang Jie and the history of the “Wang Jie Squad” inheriting and practicing the spirit of being “not afraid of hardship and death” in front of the VV delegation who were deeply impressed and sublimated at the ideological level after carefully listening to the presentation.

(A group photo before presenting some products)

Soldiers and civilians are inseparable as fish and water and this touching army support visit is worth praising. Later, the delegation paid a visit to the dorm of the “Wang Jie Squad”, where they were amazed by the clean and tidy dorm environment. Upon the end of the visit, the VV delegation reluctantly said goodbye to soldiers in the company.

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