VV Group Continues to be Listed as Top 500 China Private Company


Company News

On the morning of August 29, 2018 Top 500 China’s Private Enterprises Summit was held in Shenyang.

All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (ACFIC) announced 2018 China's Top 500 Private Companies and Analysis Report. VV Group, with RMB 34.7 billion revenue, has undoubtedly been listed as one of the China's Top 500 Private Companies and China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Industries again.

So far, VV has been listed on the Top 500 continuously for many years.

As one of the 10 biggest food manufacturer and a leading company in agricultural industrialization, VV upholds its belief in health, stays solid in physical economy, sticks to give back to the country by doing business, strives to rejuvenate the brand and continuously expands its scale. It has grown from a company that only did soybean milk manufacturing to a giant that involves in grain and oil, food, beverage, liquor and tea sectors. It has completed whole food industry chain from farm to table. It is one of a few companies in China that has a complete grain, oil and food whole industry chain.

VV owns VV Soybean Milk series, Tianshan Snow Milk, Tangwanghe Rice, Liuchaosong Flour, Zhijiang Liquor, Guizhou Chun Liquor, Yiqingyuan Black Tea and other brands. After VV Soybean Milk was launched, it has been a champion in terms of market share among all players for decades. It is the top soybean milk brand in China.

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