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    VV Group: Support the "Memory Package" Public Welfare Program of Han Hong Love Charity Foundation


    Company News

    Recently, VV Group donated 1,000 bags of VV Oat Granola to Han Hong Love Charity Foundation for the "Memory Package" program.

    The "Memory Package" program of Han Hong Love Charity Foundation is promoted in Beijing as a pilot. Memory Packages are sent to target groups in Beijing through memory clinics of hospitals, communities and NGOs. Through on-line and off-line interaction, more people will pay attention to Alzheimer's disease and care for the health of the elderly.

    (Photo provided by Han Hong Love Charity Foundation)


    Each "Memory Package" includes an Instruction Manual for Alzheimer's Disease, a portable folding handbag, a bag of VV Oat Granola, a DIY knitted bag, a memory photo frame, a ticket for off-line activities, etc. The allocations can be adjusted at any time according to the feedback received after the distribution. The purpose is to improve the target groups' awareness and coping strategies of Alzheimer's disease, and enrich lives, relieve emotions, relieve the pressure from the disease for people with Alzheimer's disease.

    During the anti-epidemic period in Wuhan, Han Hong Love Charity Foundation and VV Group jointly purchased and donated 200 tons of VV Soybean Milk Powder and liquid VV Soybean Milk, which were directly transported to the front-line in Wuhan, and distributed by Han Hong Love Charity Foundation, all of which were used for nutrition support of front-line medical staff.

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