VV Group Joins Hands with Han Hong Love Charity Foundation·200 Tons of VV Soybean Milk Products Were Delivered to the Forefront of the Fight against Epidemic in Wuhan


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At noon of February 22, 5 heavy trucks each loaded with 40 tons of anti-epidemic supplies slowly drove out of the factory of VV Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou City. This batch of VV soybean milk powder and liquid soybean milk were jointly purchased and donated by VV Group and Han Hong Love Charity Foundation. These anti-epidemic supplies would be directly delivered to the Wuhan forefront and distributed by Han Hong Love Charity Foundation, providing nutrients support for the medical staff at the forefront.

It is reported that this batch of anti-epidemic supplies for the medical staff at the forefront included 10,000 boxes of vitamin soybean milk powder, and 5,715 boxes of Tetra pack liquid soybean milk purchased by Han Hong Love Charity Foundation. The above supplies were provided by VV Group at factory price. Apart from the above, VV Group donated 2,000 boxes of classic pop-top canned soybean milk and 50 boxes of classic bottled vegetarian soybean milk to Han Hong Love Charity Foundation. All the supplies were delivered to Wuhan by VV Group.

Cai Tian, a spokesperson of VV Group, said in an interview with reporters that after the outbreak of the COVID-19, VV Group gave out full strength to fight against the epidemic and required its local companies to donate money to or material to support the epidemic prevention; scheduled grain, oil and food production enterprises to work overtime during the Spring Festival to ensure market supply, making positive contributions to maintaining market stability and curbing price fluctuations of grain, oil and other necessities of life. On February 7, greatly concerned about the increasingly severe epidemic situation, VV Group donated 10 million yuan to assist the anti-epidemic work. As Han Hong Love Charity Foundation contacted VV Group to purchase anti-epidemic supplies, VV Group provided the supplies with lowest price and donated other products along with this batch of supplies.

Cai Tian noted that, after the outbreak of the COVID-19, National Health Commission of PRC issued Dietary Guidance for the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 on February 8, which repeatedly mentioned that soybean or other bean products should be taken to supplement the diet, and suggested that the general population should eat bean products for better prevention of the epidemic; at the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, it was suggested to eat more soybeans and bean products, and drink more milk appropriately, so as to ensure the demand of high-quality protein for human body. The milk-supplemented VV soybean milk series products take high-quality northeast non-GM soybean as the main raw material, making them highly conform with the national recommendations and requirements. That’s also the reason why Han Hong Love Charity Foundation chose VV series products for the medical staff at the forefront. Cai Tian added that VV Group is ready to offer more donations according to the needs at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.

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