“Waters in Jiangsu” Online Exhibition to Kick off, VV to Showcase the Power of Jiangsu Brands


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May 10 marks the fifth “China Brand Day". Themed around "China Brand, Global Sharing; Focusing on Dual Circulation, Leading New Consumption", this year's event will publicize and exhibit China's new achievements and image in brand development as a whole. As one of the major domestic brands, Jiangsu will hold an exhibition both online and offline, with the theme of "Waters in Jiangsu". A total of 70 famous brands originated from Jiangsu will demonstrate the power of Jiangsu brands with remarkable presence at the exhibition. Building a reputation in Jiangsu and nationwide, "best soybean milk maker" VV will join hands with other brands of Jiangsu to wow visitors and viewers on this year's "China Brand Day".

Jiangsu boasts splendid culture and piles of famous brands sourced from waters. The Jiangsu exhibition will fall into four sectors: "Innovation in Jiangsu", "Manufacturing in Jiangsu", "Consumption in Jiangsu" and "Landscape in Jiangsu". Apart from Jiangsu online/offline brand show, distinctive self-owned brand experience and "Discover Waters in Jiangsu" livestreaming via all media will be unveiled as well, enabling viewers to sense highlights of the Jiangsu exhibition at any time and place.

At this year's "China Brand Day" event, online Jiangsu exhibition will immerse viewers in outdoor gardens through an uncapped exhibition hall, taking inspiration from elements of classical Jiangsu gardens in design. The entrance of the online exhibition hall is inspired by Jiangsu Museum, which is designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, one of the greatest architects of our time. Jiangsu abounds with lakes with extensive waterways and seaways. It is the only province nationwide covered in the basins of a great river, lake and sea. To agree with the theme "Waters in Jiangsu", the exhibition will encompass flowing water, plantation, boats, flowers, birds, elks and other elements in the setting. At the online exhibition, viewers can look back the evolution of 70 domestic brands and experience appealing ecology and culture of the green Jiangsu.

As an iconic brand of Jiangsu, "best soybean milk maker" and "VV Soybean Milk Brings Joy and Smile" have been well-known slogans nationwide and VV is rated a brand worth tens of billions of yuan. VV's offerings are renowned "trustworthy products delivered by a healthy brand" among consumers. On behalf of Jiangsu at the exhibition, VV will unlock its brand development journey and relevant achievements. 

In the future, VV will expand national/international market and enhance brand influence through constant product innovation, in a bid to contribute to globalization of Chinese brands.


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