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——VV products helped young students at Zhangji Middle School

After the Grain Buds, all creatures are booming and thriving vividly. 
On May 27, with the support from the office of the head of Zhangji Middle School, Wu Zhenyan, Sales Manager of VV Milk and Beverage, along with other salespersons, came to the school carrying out the activity of “helping students with VV products” in a bid to extend tis care for faculties and students.

For a long time, VV Group, while developing the company, has never forgot its social responsibility, and has been giving back to society by funding multiple public welfare events. VV received the international Science and Peace Contribution Award. In 2009, VV Group donated 1.1 million yuan to build a comprehensive building for Zhangji Middle School to help tackle school dormitory insufficiency, contributing to the development of rural education.。


VV Group, bearing in mind the educational development in Zhangji, a place where the company was started, for the purpose of extending love and care from society to more students, organized the students-aiding program together with Zhangji Middle School, in which lunch was prepared in addition to a VV yogurt & juice beverage named "VV Tropical Fruits" for every student. 

At 11:30 a.m., everything was set for students at the free distribution site.


When the bell rang at 12 o'clock indicating the morning class is over, students, in an orderly line, walked through the distribution site and received a product, before going to the dining hall.


"VV Tropical Fruits" yogurt & juice beverage, formulated with fresh milk and multiple fruit juice including guava juice, passion fruit juice and Pineapple juice, gained favor among the students.
The program has deepened the interaction between VV Group and the school, improved understanding among students toward VV products, and extended the Group's focus on education even more. This kind of program could exert a profound influence on both the development of the Group and education.

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