VV Group: Sponsor the Huya E-sports Live Streaming Anchor--VV for “Win Win”


Company News is now live streaming Huya Upstart Cup for Player unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the most popular e-sports game in China. A total of 32 teams nationwide have been warring in the two-week competition. The competition employs the knock-out mode. Every e-sports athlete goes all out, making it an exciting event that attracts wide attention within the e-sports industry.

As a popular soybean milk brand featuring “secure, healthy, and nutrient”, VV sponsors the drinks for the anchors and cheers for players by means of anchor recommendation and event advertisements.

Since the launch of liquid soybean milk, VV has strengthened its cooperation with various on-line live streaming platforms to win over the post-90s and the Z generation besides advertisement presentation on traditional media such as CCTV, high-speed rail, buildings, and vehicle bodies. By doing so, such product has been well recognized by the retro-new generation, accelerating channel modernization and brand rejuvenation of VV products.

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