Booming VV Liquid Soybean Milk Market in May Day Holiday, with Promotional & Recreational Activities across the Country


Company News

  During the past May Day Holiday, well-prepared VV launched a series of online and offline interactive promotional campaigns on its featured product VV soybean milk across China.

  How about a bottle of VV soybean milk in May Day Holiday?

  Learning that Shanghai people are fond of desserts, VV chose Shanghai as the first stop of the promotional campaign. We launched an offline free taste of VV soybean milk, inviting tourists to participate in and gave their comments. VV hoped that during the Holiday, tourists can safeguard themselves against COVID-19 and take in more nutrition for better enjoying the unique holiday. Besides, we also tried to win over these tourists with unique tastes, in a bid to deliver more possibilities of good life.

  VV soybean milk showed up in Xuzhou and made a sensation

  Ending the journey in Shanghai, VV moved to Nanjing. Nanjing, in May, had the most enjoyable atmosphere of the season, and we fell in love with this city immediately. We set up promotional spots at communities, parks and vegetable markets and offered free taste as well as promotional sales. Our sincerity received warm response of Nanjing citizens who actively joined the activities. VV made the first public appearance as the “Center”. Come and “Pick me”!

  We took only one and a half hours to travel from Nanjing to Xuzhou, then we quickly set up the promotional and recreational activities across Xuzhou City. You could follow VV’s official accounts and forward relevant posts to get the milk. You could take your scenic spots entrance ticket to get the milk with one more yuan. Sister Yuanyuan tried the milk and you could be treated. There was free milk at the offline stores, which you could definitely love. Besides, VV also sponsored Wanda Vertical Marathon. VV launched the “love relay” themed Tongshan Wanda Hello Bike & VV Soybean Milk. Xuzhou citizens couldn’t help admiring: Oh my god, it’s too tempting to resist the activities.

  With VV Soybean Milk, Guiyang city became more charming

  Cling-clang...VV arrived at Guiyang city and greeted by the friendly citizens. To feedback, VV organized customer reward activities with the good smell of soybean milk. Besides free milk, if you posted the remarks after purchase, you could get cash back. In the special promotion, you could get one free milk for buying one Yueman liquid soybean milk. Our promotion and passion surprised Guiyang citizens, and our products were well received.

  VV soybean milk added brilliance to Tianjin during May Day Holiday

  Our next stop was Tianjin, the city of comic dialog. When you finished your performance, would you like a bottle of VV soybean milk? How much? Tell you what, it was free! If you made purchase, you could get two more without charge. Hardly when finishing words, VV was invited to appreciate the comic dialog.

  To reveal the best drink for Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles

  Lanzhou was our last stop. VV drank a bottle of VV soybean milk after feasting on Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, and found it quite refreshing. Inspired by this, VV set up free taste spots at key shopping centers for the public. In seek of providing nutrition for people, VV has become a consumer to truly understand the needs and expectations of the masses. VV has been determined to make more breakthrough and innovations, and upgrade products and marketing methods.

  VV's trip in May Day Holiday came to an end, but VV soybean milk has just embarked on its journey, looking forward to meeting you.

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