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    VV Soybean Milk Pays Respects to Medical Staff Supporting Hubei


    Voice of Jiangsu

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    On March 22, representatives sent by VV Group arrived at Xuzhou No. 1 People's Hospital and extended greetings to medical staffs who returned from the epidemic area. VV donated to the hospital a batch of "healthy, safe and nutritious" VV gold can soybean milk to express gratitude for medical team members who devoted themselves to epidemic fighting rather than taking care of their families.

    The novel coronavirus is ruthless, but there is always great love and warmth from kindhearted people. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Xuzhou No.1 People's Hospital has sent two batches of medical team members to support Wuhan. They bravely headed for the epidemic area to undertake their duties, which reflected the noble quality of the medical staffs sharing worries for the country and people. These medical staffs supporting Hubei went forward without hesitation, and fought day and night on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, showing the lofty spirit of saving lives and their benevolence as medical staffs. They were committed to their duties, struggled hard and finished large amounts of strenuous work, making significant contributions in the battle of epidemic prevention and control. They have always been combating on the front line of the epidemic, going to rescue and leaving only their back views. Everyone is thus given the firm belief in victory. They maintain a high morale all the time, do a good job in scientific protection, and continue to dedicate themselves to the epidemic fighting with good health conditions.

    During the epidemic prevention, relevant experts strongly appeal that wild animals should be off the table and plant foods are the better choice. The National Health Commission also proposes to eat more soybeans and drink more milk, so as to supplement high-quality protein and improve immunity. Reportedly, the main ingredients of VV liquid soybean milk are non-GM soybeans and milk without additives, which has rightly met with people's health needs. Therefore, VV soybean milk can exactly satisfy the nutritional needs of people during the outbreak, and it delivers heartwarming health care to medical staffs.

    This greeting event was another love outreach of VV brand since donating 10 million yuan in cash on February 7, jointly donating 200 tons of VV soybean milk with Han Hong Love Charity Foundation on February 22, and Wuhan VV Dairy donating 1.5 million yuan worth of milk products through 7 donations from March 1. All those donations are intended to express VV's high appreciation and gratitude for the accountability of the angels in white.

    Voice of Jiangsu March 24, 2020

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